Have you always believed that Fairies, Mermaid (and Unicorns) existed? How wild is your imagination?!

If you want to be a part of a next level “Story Time” experience, then, this is the right place for you!

Located at the 4th floor of Eastwood Mall (Beside Cinema 6). You will find “Tipsy Tales“, the first Fully Immersive Theater in Manila.

Last Thursday, I got to be a part of the “World of Lambana“. Yes! You’ve read it right- I was part of it and not just sitting and watching everyone act.

Lambana promises you that the journey you will choose (and the adrenaline rush) will definitely be worth it! In this world, you can be anyone you like – naughty or nice! But, please be careful- your decisions will be the key on how your magical journey will end.

Inside the “World of Lambana” you will meet some Mythical Creatures from the Filipino Folklore like, KapreNuno sa PunsoDwende and Sirena. They will interact with you and you will learn more about them along the journey.

Tipsy Tales will not only satisfy your five senses from the beautiful set (by the way, each room has different scents to intensify your experience), outstanding make up, great sound effects and delicious snacks from the World of Lambana, but it will also test your knowledge about our Mythical creatures and some “mystery solving skills”. I guarantee that there will be no “boring” moments inside Lambana.

The entire experience was superb. I really felt that I was part of their world. Excellent performaces from the actors and actresses – the way they talk and the way they look at you – they almost lured me not to go back and just be part of their world (A world that I thought only existed in Fairy Tales).

The 75 minutes journey inside the “World of Lambana” is highly recommended! I encourage our Millenials to set your mobile phones aside, spend time with your family and friends and experience what “Tipsy Tales” has to offer you.

They have an ongoing Christmas promo for 1199 pesos each ticket (2000 pesos original price). Christmas promo runs from November 18 to December 30, 2019.

They can accommodate up to 15 people. You can request if you want your experience to be Child Friendly, Regular or Scary. You can also choose if you want the experience to be in Filipino or English Language.

They also have lockers, lobby where you can take pictures and a mini bookstore where you can score books about Filipino Mythology in a very affordable price.

Please visit their Websitehttps://www.tipsytales.ph/ and FB pagefacebook.com/tipsytales for more information.

 Special thanks to Tipsy Tales 

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