It’s not yet late for gift giving. Now, if you’re still in search of what to give your friends and special someone, this unique clothing store might be one of the best option.

Gnarly (Pronounced as [‘narli’]) is a lifestyle brand established in 2008. The target market may have been the millenials but surprisingly, they also captured those millenials by heart whos not afraid to explore and show their cool and fun side.

This overly cute store can be a one stop shop for your OOTD needs. Gnarly doesn’t only offer shirts, hoodies and beanies but they can also complete your OOTDs from sunnies down to your socks and slippers plus some cool scents (perfume) to match your mood.

They also sell bags and accessories like guitar pick, coin purse, patches and even key chains.

When you choose Gnarly, please forget about wearing boring outfits as they offer unique and cute designs based from their very own characters.

Oh, by the way, please meet the Gnarly gang!

They also offer simple designs with their signature G! logo which according to Gnarly meant to be a happy reminder for the community to let go and get rid of all inhibitions.

Drop by their store at 4 United Street, Pasig City (please refer to the map below).

Too lazy to go outside to shop? Order via their website: They offer cash on delivery and free shipping nationwide!

Feel free to also visit their FB page:

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