Before I write an article about the food or product, I always spend time to read their history to find inspiration and let the readers know the reason why they should also love the food or product the same way as I do.

I love topics about family and how the foundation from their childhood makes them the better person as they are now.

“Papa Diddi’s” handmade ice cream was named after the owner’s dad – A lawmaker and the man who made them taste the difference of an ice cream that’s made with love.

Their icecream is made from fresh carabao’s milk and other ingredients directly from a community of local farmers. Yes, they also care for the poor! A virtue that everyone should possess.

What’s their difference from other ice cream? Aside from the fact that they’re handcrafted ice cream, they also have unique flavors that you will surely love!

What we’ve tried (80 pesos per scoop):

Tres Leches – Signature icecream made with condensada, carabao’s milk and coconut milk.

Davao meets Bicol (a must try!) – A perfect combination of Malago’s tableya from Davao and Chili from Bicol.

I super love “Davao meets Bicol”. Here’s how I can describe it – you’ll taste the tableya from your first scoop and it will eventually disappear and will be replaced by the spicy taste! Meaning, the chili doesn’t over power the tableya taste.

It was like they’ve programmed how many second I should taste the tableya before they let the chili explode in my mouth! Amazing right?

Highly recommended for those who can love spicy food or if you’re brave enough – try it now!

The Hungry Morena Rating: Busog Lusog ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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