Enhanced community quarantine has been extended for the third time and I know that your cravings for restaurant food or milktea intensifies everyday.

Luckily, some of the food stores are now starting to operate but please keep in mind that we should still need to keep ourselves healthy. How about we try a healthier alternative to milktea?

Koomi PH offers you healthy, guilt- free and delicious Yogurt drinks.

You’ll easily notice their store for their cute logo, font and purple colored theme.

Have you seen their menu? They’re very catchy and unique! They offer many delicious and healthy flavors – from fruits, red bean, oats, coconuts and many more.

You can choose if you want an Aussie Blend (less creamy) or Filipino Blend (Creamy). You can also let them know the sweetness level you prefer.

What we’ve tried:

Why Nut, Coconut (Combination of Yogurt, Pistachio and Almond), Filipino blend.

I love everything about my Koomi Yogurt drink. Aside from the the great benefits of Yogurt, Koomi was able to capture the filipino tastebuds with it’s perfect blend of sweetness, creaminess plus the generous amount of Pistachios and Almond in my cup.

The Hungry Morena Rating: Busog Lusog ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Check their Koomi PH facebook page for their ECQ business hours. Stay at Home, order Koomi using Grab, Lalafood and Angkas.

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