Gone are the days when we only have two pizza crust options – Thin Crust and Thick Crust. It is true, change is constant – even with pizza!

Pizza parlors are now offering brick oven pizza, which is different from our traditional pizza because of it’s smoky and semi burnt crust. We now have unique toppings like Boba (like what I featured the last time we ate at Vikings) for those milktea lovers. Lastly, we now have pizza crust with activated charcoal!

We recently discovered Mamba Pizza. Their pizza is made with Black Crust because they use activated charcoal which at first, I find weird but wait until you know the health benefits and of course the taste!

Here’s why they are different from other pizza:

❣️They use activated charcoal which aids digestion and cleanse the stomach
❣️Less oil
❣️Less Calorie
❣️Less Sodium

A healthier alternative for those on a diet but also craving for pizza! Despite these health benefits, you will be surprised that their pizzas are very affordable!

Here’s what we have tried:

Overload Pizza (10″ for 209 pesos)

All Cheese Pizza (10″ for 169 pesos)

Shawarma Pizza (10″ for 179 pesos)

Floss Pizza (10″ for 199 pesos)

The Hungry Morena Rating: Busog Lusog ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The crust may look dry but you will be surprised that it is very soft! They They have generous toppings and their pizza isn’t really salty! Every ingredients compliment each other and you will still enjoy their pizza even the following day.

I must say that trying something new isn’t really bad at all! You will surely love their Shawarma and Floss pizza – which is by the way my favorite amongst the four flavors (A must try!)

They have different branches, but we ordered ours from Mamba Pizza, Balanga Bataan

They are very accommodating and they also have delivery option for just a minimal fee.

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