Hello everyone! It’s been a while since the last time we traveled that’s why I am excited to share my Baguio travel experience. (Note: This is a semi- complete guide about the City of Pines and what I loved in Baguio so please expect a long blog ahead).

Baguio has opened its arms for leisure travel. It started October 25 and this time, it focused mainly on fully vaccinated indivuduals. Things that you have to do and prepare:

  1. Find a place to stay (should be DOT approved)
  2. Schedule a visit on https://visita.baguio.gov.ph/ (You have to make sure that you have booked a place to stay because you will choose the name of the place and they will be the one to approve your schedule.

Things you’ll need for the visita Baguio site:
Name of the place where you’ll stay, travel dates, photo of your valid ID (front and back), vaccination dates and Vaccination certificate (you can register using this website – https://vaxcert.doh.gov.ph/)

By the way, they don’t accept guests from alert level 4 areas or those under Ecq or Mecq.

  1. On your way to Baguio, expect several checkpoints where you will have to present your approved qr code and vaccination certificate.
  2. Once you’ve entered Baguio, you will be asked to proceed to the triage area. They will check your qr code, valid ID and vaccination certificate. They will give you a form that will serve as your Baguio Tourist visa that you have to bring everywhere.

Protocol might change so if you are travelling with kids, please check https://www.facebook.com/baguiotourism/ for updates.

The city of Baguio never fails to amaze me. Aside from the cold breeze that I love so much.. Their people are very disciplined. They follow traffic rules, they use pedestrian lane all the time, they don’t throw trash anywhere, they have clean public restrooms and inside SM.. people fall in line to use the escalator and most specially, they follow social distancing.

Recommended place to stay: Suite Abodes (Awarded as First place for Best Transient 2020)

This is the second time we stayed here because unlike other transient houses, you don’t need to compromise comfort vs affordability because Suite Abodes can offer you both! We stayed at the same suite (Peach suite) with 2 bedrooms, own spacious kitchen with refrigerator, Sala and Bathroom with hot and cold shower.

Their place is very relaxing and peaceful (not near the noise of the main road). They are 5 to 10 minutes away from places like Burnham park and Session road. Ate Jocelyn, their care taker is friendly and you can ask her for places to check while in Baguio).

Suite Abode is also great for those who are currently working from home because they have great wifi connection (35 to 55 mbps). They have spacious parking too so don’t worry if you are bringing your car.

They have 4 suites in total. Please check their Facebook Page for more information. Feel free to message them for inquiry (Miss Heidi, the owner is very accommodating).

By the way, don’t bother to ask for an electric fan.. You don’t need it here in Baguio!

Here goes the exciting part of my blog! Let’s start with some of my favorite places:

  • Mirador Heritage and Eco Park – The home of the “Bamboo Grove” and “Limestone Walkways”. A very peaceful yet instagrammable place. Prepare for a steep walk so make sure to wear comfy shoes and clothes. Don’t worry, once you’ve reached the top.. Everythings worth it. You will see Baguio at its best!

  • Colorful Houses – Nothing much you can do here but just to appreciate the colorful houses and take nice photos. Tip: the middle of the bridge is the best photo spot!
  • Wright Park: Famous for horse back riding. You can also take a picture with the friendly St. Bernard dog and have your picture printed for only 50 psesos.
  • Pool of Pines – Just beside the Wright Park you will find the stone stairsway leading to the pool of pines and if you love the relaxing pine trees and beautiful flowers, this is a place for you (by the way, across pool of Pines is the “The Mansion”.
  • Camp John Hay – A place to be in the afternoon if you just want to relax after hours of Baguio tour. This is the best place if you want to take great photos with the pine trees and appreciate what nature has to offer. Inside Camp John Hay, you can also find restaurants and boutiques.
  • Night Market (Harrison Road) – They don’t have much stalls unlike before but you will still be able to enjoy the cold breeze plus the variety of streets foods available.
  • Strawberry Farm – Who wouldn’t love this place! In here you can do strawberry picking, eat strawberry ice cream and taho, wine tasting and souvenir shopping.
  • SM City Baguio – I know.. You have this anywhere.. but this is different from the others because the cold breeze comes from the natural Baguio breeze.
  • Burnham Park – A place where you can relive your childhood memories! You will find bike areas (with bike for rent), skating rink, Vast area where you can sit and eat with your family and friends, restaurants and the my favorite – boat ride!! Super relaxing! I promise!

  • Mt. Cloud Bookshop – Best place for book and coffee lovers alike. They sell books mostly from local authors. They have a coffee shop just beside the bookshop with a very friendly barista!

My favorite places to satisfy my Hungry Morena stomach:

  1. Farmer’s Daughter (Tam-awan, Longlong Road) – Don’t ever leave Baguio without visiting this place! Everything on the menu is a must try but I recommend you trying Kindot (Grilled Pork) – very flavorful and tender! (like it stayed marinated for months).

Price ranges from 150 to 300.
Kindot with rice and veggies cost only 160 pesos.

Tip: Patience is a virtue. Expect long lines, but the service was very fast. Make sure to approach the staff to secure a number.

2. Good Taste (Multiple Branches) – Another place that will test your patience. Expect long lines but don’t worry, their menu offers delicious with generous serving of meals that won’t hurt your pocket.

Must try: Beef with Brocolli Rice (140) and Fried rice with Chicken (130) ; Price ranges from 120 to 300.

3. Inihaw Republic (Military Cutoff) – You won’t hear this restaurant that much but its the place to be for anything grilled.

Must try: 2 pcs Liempo with rice (160) and Pulpog (Ilocano dish where they grill the pork and add vinegar – similar to kilawin) with Rice (170)

4. Raff’s Fried Chicken (Military cut-off) – Famous for their fried chicken and the bomb sauce (which you will have to ask for more – usually it is in a small plastic). The sauce is a spicy sauce that is surprisingly making the fried chicken taste even better! It’s difficult to explain so better try it yourselves!

1 chicken (leg and thigh) – 70 pesos

5. Tsokolate Baterol (Camp John Hay) – Famous for their (as the name implies) Tsokolate Baterol. They will also make the tsokolate baterol in front of you. They also have bibingka which makes a great meryenda combo.

6. Lemons and Olives (Outlook Drive) – They offer greek cuisine and their place has a very relaxing view. Expect long lines too.

Must try: Lamb Gyros (160), Moussaka – Similar to lasagna but a healthier version because they use potatoes, eggplants and ground beef (280) and please don’t leave this place without tasting their Baklava Cheesecake (160) – This is a fusion of Baklava and New York Cheesecake. I think the Yogurt makes it taste even better!

7. Sizzling Plate Steak House (Leonard Wood) – My favorite steak house that offers affordable steak meals starting at 300 to 500 pesos. I always order Porterhouse steak but don’t worry, other steaks also taste so good!

By the way, you can take home ready to cook steak that comes with free gravy.

8. Glazed Artisan Donuts (SM Baguio) – They offer huge, freshly baked everyday donuts with 50% less sugar. Their Flavors are unique and all delicious!

Must Try: Creme Brulee and Biscoff (60 pesos each ; 350 for half dozen)

9. Viscoz Strawberry Shortcake (Session Road) – They are famous for their delectable cakes most specially their Strawberry cake. Perfect for those who love strawberries because this cake is surrounded with glazed strawberries on top plus strawberry cream inside. (130 per slice ; 580 for 6″ and 900 for 8″).

10. Yolk Korean Egg Sandwich – A must try for Korea Boos! Their mini foodtruck is situated at Burnham Park (near the bike rentals). Their sauce isn’t as sweet as the others and we love that they use Ciabatta bread!

Must Try: Jagpum – BLT with creamy scrambled eggs and cheese with Sriracha sauce (sweet and spicy fusion) – 99 pesos

11. Le Bloom – Another mini foodtruck located in Burnham Park that serves great coffee and other instagramable drinks.

Must try:
Hot Coffee Based: Cafe Latte (65 pesos)
Cold Coffee Based: Campfire latte (chocolate base, with a hint of Cinnamon and toasted marshmallow on top – 95 pesos)

12. Tan-aw sa Alang (20 minutes before the Baguio Checkpoint) – Known for the great view while enjoying a hot cup of Coffee and Chocolate Baterol.

Must Try: Seafood Lasagna (150) and Flavorful Pinikpikan Noodle Soup (Uses Native Cordilleran chicken) – 180 pesos.

There are a lot on my list but since we went there during a holiday, most of them are closed.

For those planning to visit Baguio, enjoy! Don’t forget to share your experience too!

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