Buko pie is simply one of the best Filipino dessert that originated from Laguna. It’s one of my favorite and I can literary finish a box of Buko pie in just one sitting! 

We would often go to Laguna or Tagaytay to hoard Buko pies, but with the current situation of the Taal Volcano, some would hesitate to travel South. 

Don’t worry because I’ve just discovered a place where you can score budget friendly and delicious Buko Pie! If you’re gonna visit Subic (Harbor Point) or Pampanga area, find this Buko pie store named “Buko Express” they don’t just sell Buko pies, but also fresh Buko Juice (which I wasn’t able to try – sorry). 

A small stall in the middle of the mall but you’ll see people lining up for their freshly baked Buko pie – Yes! Freshly baked – you can even watch them make the crust and fill it with magic ❤️

You may refer to the following price list: 

Big Buko Pie: 250 pesos per boxMini
Mini Buko Pie: 40 pesos per piece

I always go for the mini Buko Pie (on the go Buko Pie)- Aside the fact that you and your brothers won’t need to argue if who gets the biggest slice, you can also spare yourself from the tedious vacuuming of your car! Since these mini Buko pies are individually packed, you can eat them without any worries!

The Hungry Morena Rating: Busog ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Buko Express’ buko pie isn’t too sweet and it’s not “nakakaumay”. They might be called mini, but they’re big when it comes to taste. They use real coconut mixed with their delicious “creamy” filling. They’re way bigger than a donut, a piece with surely be enough. 

FB page for their list branches: https://www.facebook.com/bukoexpress/

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