As we face the deadly coronavirus scare, we’ve been very cautious specially when we’re in public places. Aside from eating and keeping ourselves healthy, we should always keep our surroundings clean and disinfected as one of our precautionary measures.

Even before the Coronavirus scare, we always make it a point to clean our house on a daily basis to prevent my allergies from getting worse. Dust and unpleasant odor causes me to sneeze and usually lead to Asthma. Being sick costs a lot of money that’s why we invest in air purifier and disinfectants.

That being said, I came across this proudly pinoy made disinfectant spray in the supermarket. It’s a bit cheaper than the other brand but offers the same quality – or should I say, even better!

Krest Disinfectant Spray, is said to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, eliminates germs and odor, doctor recommended safe and it doesn’t contain any CFC (Chlorofluorocarbons) or other ozone depleting substances – impressive right?

Krest Disinfectant Spray has two different scents:

Fresh Linen – A linen spray that can also be used as an all around air freshener and disinfectant. It has a strong flowery scent that lasts for a couple of days.

Rose Petal– like the first variant, this is an all around air freshener and disinfectant. I love this scent so much- it has this delicate mild sweet rose scent and also long lasting!

Oh, by the way, Krest Disinfectant Spray uses essential oils. These oils are used for Aromatherapy. They’re proven safe and non-toxic when added to household products – that also explains the relaxing scent 😊

Disinfect while supporting our local brands! Available at your favorite supermarkets, Shopee and Lazada for less than 350 pesos for a 600ml spray (price may vary).

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