For those looking for a budget friendly samgyeopsal set delivery, consider yourselves lucky because I found one for you!

For only 398 pesos, you and your best buddy can have a Samgyeopsal bonding while enjoying your favorite K series on Netflix.

UKB OTG – UKB 199 On The Go offers Samgyeopsal set from 398 pesos to 1194 (Good for 6 people).

We ordered the 398 pesos pork set (you can choose between pork and chicken) and here’s what’s included:
200g BBQ Korean flavor
200g Spicy Korean flavor
11 side dishes: Lettuce, Fish Cake, Garlic, Kimchi, Hotdog, Squid Ball, Soy bean paste, Chili Paste, Cucumber, Sweet Corn and Kimchi Rice.

Well seasoned pork (I love the spicy pork). At first, I thought that it won’t be enough for 2 people but we didn’t even finish all the pork!

My partner’s a Kimchi lover and she liked the Kimchi.

I also like the Fish cake but the serving is too small. We ordered an additional fish cake for 50 pesos but still not enough – or maybe I just like fish cake so much. lol

The Kimchi rice doesn’t have much Kimchi taste. I’m thinking because it was pre-packed. I would love to try their dine in Kimchi Rice next time.

The Hungry Morena Rating: Busog ⭐⭐⭐⭐

You can order from UKB OTG – UKB 199 thru Lalafood, Grab Food and Food Panda.

Please visit their Facebook page for their other menu. They also have ready to cook and ready to eat ulam.

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’till my next review Morenians!


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