Rainy days are coming and this is the best time for us to enjoy hot, delicious soup based dishes. I won’t deny, one of my favorite noodle soup is Laksa and I will tell you why.

Laksa is a famous noodle soup and in fact listed as one of CNNs best 50 dishes.

According to some research, Laksa was created by the “Peranakans” by adding coconut milk and chilies to the basic Chinese soup. Since then, Laksa has been famous to other countries too with many different version.

For those who love flavorful creamy noodle soup with the some spicy kick, Laksa is definitely for you! It’s not just the soup that you will love about Laksa.. But also the variety of toppings – from seafood, veggies and pork (for some).

Luckily, even if we can’t travel, we have plenty of restaurants and small businesses who serves delicious Laksa!

If you’re in Bataan area, lucky you! We found Tutong’s Laksa that delivers affordable yet delicious Macanese Laksa straight to your doorstep!

What we’ve tried:

Seafood Laksa – 99 pesos
Pork Laksa – 99 pesos
Seafood and Pork Laksa – 129 pesos

The Hungry Morena Rating: Busog Lusog⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Generous toppings and noodles (ex. Shrimp Laksa is with – Egg, Shrimp, Tahong, Squid balls, Potato and Pechay Baguio)- one tub can even be shared by two people.

Flavorful soup with just the right level of spiciness and creaminess. (btw, you can request if you want less spicy soup). I suggest that you buy extra soup for 10 pesos if you’re a Laksa soup lover like me!


Please visit their Facebook and Instagram page to know their Laksa availability. Don’t worry, owners are very friendly!

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