Mango Graham has been one of the Filipino favorites. I have to admit, I also can’t get enough of it – may it be the usual Mango Graham Refrigerator Cake, Mango Graham Ice Cream or even the Mango Graham Shake.

Yesterday, I craved for Mango Graham and Mango Shake. I typed all the possible keywords on Facebook just for me to find a store that sells Mango Shake but gave me limited result. Mind you guys, ordering food here in Bataan isn’t as easy as in Manila.

I messaged all the stores that’s near my location and asked if they can make me a mango shake “without milk” (one of my family member doesn’t like milk) and I got rejected multiple times with my request until one store said that they can do it for me!

We ordered from Bastea Balanga (15 to 20 mins from my location). They’ve been very accommodating and friendly. They accepted my request for a mango shake without milk even if that isn’t part of their menu.

We tried their Mango Slushie (75 pesos for 22oz) and we loved it! Their Mango Slushie has crushed graham, mango bits and a prefectly cooked pearls! It isn’t too sweet and I am sure that you will love it too!

Now for my special request, they replaced milk with mango bits as their natural sweetener plus they also included pearls (I hope that they will soon add this as part of their usual menu for those who are not into sweets but loves mango shake)

I would like to thank Bastea for accepting my speacial request. We really enjoyed your slushies!

Please visit their store or message them on Facebook for inquiries or orders! They are really friendly!

Main branch is located infront of Saint Joseph Hospital Balanga (MPS building ) look for Kokosmetiks.

Branch 2 is located infront of BPSU way to Center plaza mall besides Dexters Pizza

The Hungry Morena Rating: Busog Lusog ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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