We are still in Bataan right now. I have to admit that we only have a few food options here compared to Manila so if there’s something that catches our eye, we make sure to give it a try.

To satisfy my everyday craving for Soft Tacos, we came across this page from Facebook that thankfully sells soft tacos!

This isn’t the normal tacos that you can buy anywhere. Having to taste their tacos made me realize how they truly love what they are doing – and thank you for sharing it with the crowd!

Introducing Block Kitchen’s Birria Tacos!

Block Kitchen’s Birria Tacos are soft tacos filled with flavorful, tender beef and slightly spicy mexican dish that is really attractive to the palate. I hope you get what I mean with my description? lol.

I don’t suggest using of utensils as these tacos are best enjoyed using bare (but clean) hands. Don’t worry about your hands being dirty with the sauce and falling tender beef pieces because these tacos are definitely worth the mess!

Aside from being one of the best tacos that I’ve tasted, I am happy with the presentation of their take out tray (120 pesos per order). Their soft tacos are homemade. They also comes with salsa on the side (with lemon) and their Birria Dipping Sauce which is by the way, a bomb too!

The Hungry Morena Rating: Busog Lusog ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Please visit Block Kitchen’s Facebook page to check their menu. They respond quickly to inquiries and very friendly.

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