Hello Milktea lovers! Welcome to another milktea blog! Many of us are now allowed to travel to nearby provinces, of course, provided that you abide to their travel requirements. If anyone gets a chance to visit Bataan, you should definitely find this milktea shop!

Hey Boba is located at Balanga, the capital city of Bataan. The first time I visited their shop, there were cars parked outside, patiently waiting for their orders and the moment I tasted their milktea, I finally understood why!

What we’ve tried (all in Large Size):

Biscoff Rock Salt and Cheese – 135 pesos

Thai Cheesecake – 130 pesos

Strawberry Matcha Boba Milk – 120 pesos

If you love strong tea taste, Hey Boba is for you!

The strong tea taste, sweetness and creaminess are all at the right level satisfying my sweet tooth and (everyday) milktea craving 😂

Biscoff Milktea is a must try and it has Biscoff bits too!

Thai Cheesecake has stronger tea taste but with the cheesecake? It is a combination that you’ll love!

The Strawberry Matcha combination is very new to me and I never thought that they will taste good together. By the way, this drink has real strawberry bits at the bottom!

The Hungry Morena Rating: Busog Lusog ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Please visit Hey Boba’s Facebook Page for more information and for their address (you can also find them using Waze).

They also offer snacks like Champorado (Which I can’t wait to try because of the good reviews), pasta, pizza and also fresh fruit smoothies like mango and avocado which we I will review next time.

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’till my next review Morenians!

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