Korea continues to capture our hearts and believe it or not, my Netflix honestly has more Korean Series suggestion! Who wouldn’t love Korean Series? They have undeniably great story line with unpredictable twist plus their food looks very appetizing.

I am always in search of a place that serves great Korean food that won’t hurt my pocket but will definitely make my “Koreaboo” heart happy.. and finally, I have one that I can share with you!

Located in Capitangan, Abucay Bataan, Kimbobtime is the place to be to satisfy your Korean Food Cravings!

What we’ve ordered:

Japchae Tray for 500 pesos (Good for 5 – 7 pax) with free side dish (Odeng / rice cake and Kimchi)

Beef Kimbob for 84 pesos (11 pcs)
Original Kimbob for 89 pesos (11 pcs)
California Kimbob for 89 pesos (11 pcs)

Fried and Steamed Mandu
99 pesos each (10 pcs per order)

Japchae has the perfect balance of sweet and savory flavor, generous toppings and bouncy noodle texture.

As for the Kimbob, they all have flavorful fillings and crunchy vegetables too. They are also neatly rolled and arranged inside the tub.

Their fried mandu is a must try too!

The Hungry Morena Rating:
Busog Lusog ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Please check visit Kimbobtime Abucay Facebook page or message them via messenger for orders. They respond quickly and they are very friendly! They also accept Gcash payments. Here’s a full list of their menu.

Photo Credits to Kimbobtime Abucay

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